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Why Skate Riff Raff

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Written by Shawn

Because if I called it "Skate Talk" that would have sounded bad. And if I called it "Skate Stuff" then the audience will wonder what I meant by that. Riff Raff basically refers to chatter which is usually pointless and irrelevant. Don't get the wrong idea. I will not ramble on about useless topics (most of the time), but skateboarding is a form of art that has an edge. You don't hear about skateboard brands such as "Happy Board Co." or "Smiley Face Skateboards". Instead you hear about brands like "Darkstar", "Destructo", or "Tensor". What they all have in common is that edgy personality. "I'm gonna skate where I want, how I want, when I want". So why should this website be any different? Exactly. So, yes this site has an edge, yes this site will talk about skateboard stuff, and yes it is not your average site because after all skateboarding is about originality and expression.

So where does the "Riff Raff" part come into play? This section will be the blog area where I post skate stuff on my mind. Feel free to comment in the response section below. AND more riff raffing in the forum area. So enjoi.

- Shawn Hasselaar

Sept. 1, 2010


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