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Size Doesn't Matter

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Written by Shawn

To me. Well, not that much. What I'm talking about are two very similar sizes, for example a 7.75" vs a 8.0" skateboard deck. I mean really, 7.75" and 8.0" are pretty similar. I can ride an 7.75" just as well as I can ride an 8.0" skateboard. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone has a preference. In my personal experience, two very close sizes (such as an 7.75" vs 8.0") do not affect my riding. Anything more than a .25" difference and then I have to take some time to adjust (for example an 7.0" vs an 9.0" or an 7.5" vs 8.0").

How about you?

Size Doesn't Matter

- Shawn Hasselaar

Nov. 10, 2010


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