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Longboarders Are Not Skateboarders

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Written by Shawn

I'm sorry, but longboarders are not skateboarders. To me longboarding is to skateboarding as football is to flying a kite. Well, maybe not that extreme but skateboarding and longboarding are two totally different things. I don't understand how some people can think they are so similar. What I really don't understand is why longboarding is so popular... Everything that you can do on a longboard, you can do on a skateboard. All that you CAN do on a longboard is ride and carve. You can do that on a skateboard and SO much more. If it's speed you want, get better bearings and larger diameter wheels. Riding and carving isn't difficult on a skateboard, it's just different. Skateboarders can bomb hills and piss off motorists just as well, if not better than longboarders. Throw in a big-spin to that equation and you got style. Plus, a mildly amused motorist. I get the whole carving and getting speed bit. I do that with my snowboard... But longboarding, really? Why not just ride a skateboard?

Maybe I'm just bitter about having to slow down for longboarders hoarding the streets. I wouldn't mind slowing down for a boarder doing a big-spin. But, that's only going to happen if that boarder has a skateboard under his feet.



- Shawn Hasselaar

Nov. 5, 2010



0 #22 Lalalalalalalalalaq 2015-03-29 14:13
I don't see why people even rant about posers because your wasting your time. And don't necesarily like penny boards but I'm not going to rant about them 24/7. Honestly the people ranting about posers annoy me more than the posers them selves. Here's the thing all of the poser longboards are going to stop skating completely when the whole trend goes away. Then people will really see the people dedicated to riding longboards and not just cruising around pushing mongo and not even bombing hills or sliding. Don't judge every person who rides a long board.
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0 #20 lngbrdjr27 2014-08-24 15:04
Okay, so I just needed to chime in here. I'm newer to the longboarding sport and culture here, but why all the animosity? Some people like mountain bikes and some people are better fit to a cruising bike. Both are just as similar as they are different. Both take practice and skill. To me it's a different tool for a different need or desire. Just because you think your preference is better is no reason to bash other people's preference.
-1 #19 Tyler Cole 2014-08-08 11:09
Okay, all I have to say is that your very, very, very, uninformed. Although cruising and carving can be done on a longboard, certain types of longboards can have certain tricks done as much if not more than a on skateboard. In fact, I know that riders that are skilled enough could do more than a skateboarder on his longboard. You obviously haven't been exposed to the core longboarding community. Go look up Ethan cochard or Amanda Powell or Cindy Zhou. I'd like to see you compete with them. Sorry for rage. :P
+2 #18 eli 2014-07-05 22:08
Ok so first off you can bomb hills on a skate board this is true but the fastest recorded longboard run was about 130 mph I dont think the fastest skate board run is close. Pluss when you're going down a hill at like 55 mph and you do a slide if you make one mistake your going face first into the pavement at that speed so fuck you if you think longboarding is for a pussy and also fuck you if you have a penny board you give real Longboarder a bad name and just cruising around on some shit west 49 pintail doesnt make you a Longboarder either and if what your riding has stock everything changes are its shit. I respect skateboarders they went through years of shit because they were different. People would get jumped because they were skateboarders so if you have the balls to ride some shit penny board or west 49 board and call your self a skate boarder or a Longboarder you can go fuck your self. So if you own a longboard and you've never been hurt on it you aint no Longboarder your a bitch
-1 #17 Bob 2014-06-23 07:38
Longboarders that I see out and about are mostly posers who want a slice of skateboards fashionability. (Posers). And as a person who has been skating for nearly 30 years, I've been thru all kinds of crap because of being a skater, and now these hipsters want to buy a board with their parents college money and be a skater (because they really aren't willing to sacrifice to be a real skater), that to me is offensive. If you ride a longboard and you practice you craft and you love it, great, brotha from anotha motha. If not, stay off the bandwagon. It just looks like those dicks on the slopes with double kick skiis that want to do tricks now because snowboarders changed the paradigm. Or the 30+ guy who buys a mountain bike and a helmet so he can go ride trails. Don't bother, you look stupid to those of us who have bled to be legit to our passion.
0 #16 Matt 2014-05-25 18:28
ok,i'm a long boarder(i have been for a while now),but before i got my long board i was on a skateboard since i was about 5. and i will agree with you that they are completely different sports, but its more like football and rugby. they are almost exactly the same but they are equally different.skateboarding is more about doing tricks at a slower speed while long boarding is either about hitting hills at 20+ or "land boarding" which is only exeptable if your in southern California. So before you write you useless bullshit rage, take your skateboard mastery and go try bombing a massive hill with some 90ish degree turns in them, then tell me how much you hate long boarding.
+1 #15 Surfdude 2014-05-04 05:02

it's true what you're saying.
longboarding and skateboarding isn't the same.
but you forget something, longboarding became populair the last years by the hipsters and shit.
but im cruising my board for ages now. longboarding is a surfer thing. and it needs to be it again. cause 3 or 4 years ago i said im going to longboard everybody was like dafuq you talking about? and now there like nice what kind of brand do you have. but those people only know the loaded decks and the globe prowlers. those people are the problem. k?

pease out.
-1 #14 Chris 2014-05-01 19:24
Obviously only a few of you understand anything about skating or longboarding. They're both considered "skating". Longboards aren't meant to travel on flat ground... Really? Why do they have events in NYC and other big cities that are flat then? I live in FL, there's no hills really but I still longboard and I do slides mainly. Look up Loaded or any other longboard brand on YouTube and they'll show you that you can do kick flips, Ollie's, and much more that you can do on a skateboard as well. I used to skate but I didn't like the people that I skated with and I met some cool longboarders who were like me. They're both skating, just different cultures for each style and vice versa. Probably going to get plenty of dislikes but oh well.
+1 #13 Paul 2014-04-30 15:44
You would mind if it was a guy with a short board or with a long board was on the street and you had to slow down.

You know what would make you really angry? If the guy with a short board doing the big spin would damage your car or fall and you had to wait for him to get out of the way!

Apparently you have a lot of guy here who don't know what they're talking about.

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