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Longboarders Are Not Skateboarders

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Written by Shawn

I'm sorry, but longboarders are not skateboarders. To me longboarding is to skateboarding as football is to flying a kite. Well, maybe not that extreme but skateboarding and longboarding are two totally different things. I don't understand how some people can think they are so similar. What I really don't understand is why longboarding is so popular... Everything that you can do on a longboard, you can do on a skateboard. All that you CAN do on a longboard is ride and carve. You can do that on a skateboard and SO much more. If it's speed you want, get better bearings and larger diameter wheels. Riding and carving isn't difficult on a skateboard, it's just different. Skateboarders can bomb hills and piss off motorists just as well, if not better than longboarders. Throw in a big-spin to that equation and you got style. Plus, a mildly amused motorist. I get the whole carving and getting speed bit. I do that with my snowboard... But longboarding, really? Why not just ride a skateboard?

Maybe I'm just bitter about having to slow down for longboarders hoarding the streets. I wouldn't mind slowing down for a boarder doing a big-spin. But, that's only going to happen if that boarder has a skateboard under his feet.



- Shawn Hasselaar

Nov. 5, 2010



-2 #11 Gabriel Valencia 2014-02-14 10:40
Longboarding is the shit! If you are debating about which is better I would say longboards go for a ride and skateboards go for jump. See my point? Skaters do tricks and travel in less speed. Long boarders however travel in 20+ mph and will not do extraordinary tricks. If you master your skating skill try applying it to a longboard lets see how your 'mastery' is. I've been longboarding for about 2 years now and I have two different longboards, one is a 36" cruiser w/tail fin and I can do every skating trick on it but of course it is a lot harder. In the other hand I got a 40" drop down board and I can slide, 180, and drift (20mph+ and go through sharp turns and still on the board). If you are a skateboarder try getting a cruiser longboard and try those tricks on it and most of all respect the boarders we all have 4 wheels and trunks :D -Brownsville TX, Long boarder
-3 #10 Cynthia 2013-06-23 07:28
Well aren't you a conceited one. I really hope you're joking because trust me, longboarding is just as hard, if not harder, than skateboarding. It takes so much balance and power, and it's really hard to stop when you go too fast. Know better before writing about you're pointless hatred. I find it extremely annoying and rude.
-2 #9 ríða ykkur 2013-06-19 12:07
Fuck you!!! You honestly dont know what the fuck your talking about do you??? Lond boarding was made to have fun and get you places. Skateboarding is for doing tricks. I have both. If i wanna do tricks i get a skateboard, if i wanna go hang out with my friends and i just wanna get there, i grab my longboard.
You honstly are not a skateboarder if you dont have respect for your fellow longboarders.
-2 #8 chance 2013-01-24 06:44
i skate, bmx and longboard and this hatred is retarded and bmx and longboarding isnt talentless bmx takes more muscle then skating ever will
+11 #7 Eric Kali 2012-07-16 22:56
I skateboard and longboard and I prefer long boarding because I think it's a lot more of a comfortable ride. I'm 26, and I've been doing this for a good while. they're both good. I don't understand this big hatred between skaters and longboarders. Why not like both? I have respect for anyone that skates. Just the way I am I guess. It's all about having fun and enjoying yourself and thrive on skating.
-3 #6 Rusty 2012-04-05 11:22
The funniest part about wrongboarders is when they dress head to toe in shit trendy ''skater'' clothes as they bend down to pick up their board because they cant even make it up a fuckin curb!
-1 #5 Sam Buekers 2011-07-16 02:10
*Owh yeah, by the way; My comments are neutral and slightly positive, because I understand you :)
-2 #4 Sam Buekers 2011-07-16 01:57
I have the same feeling with BMX..

Like how long does it take to olie? +- a week|a month| a year, but before that you need to learn how to ride a skateboard properly.

How long does it take to bunny hop? +- 2 hours and they always do the same tricks. Everybody can ride a bike..I even know a girl who doesn't bmx and she can even do a bunnyhop... it's that easy...
+2 #3 Sam Buekers 2011-07-16 01:56
Well I do both and indeed longboarding is not skateboarding.

With a longboard you can : Slide, carve, pump, old-school tricks, cruise, dance, down-hill and slalom (racing).

You have to trust me it's not THAT easy, it's really dangerous. You gain speed very fast and you can't brake immediately. It's really scary when you go faster than 20 km/h. at some point of speed you can't footbrake and at some point you go so fast that you can't carve to lose speed because you would get speed-wobble and crash and brake bones or die.

Respect both, just like I do. But I respect skateboarding more than longboarding, it's just the way I travel. I understand why you sorta hate it. But you have to try it to understand it.
+4 #2 Jon Smith 2011-06-29 20:09
btw I longboard and i can bigspin

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